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On the Lake
Rating: R-ish

I was lying in bed at 3:31 this morning and I couldn’t get this out of my head. First time getting a bit risqué with writing, so do be kind. Hope this suffices!

The sun warmed his face as Sirius tilted his head back, hand drifting lazily across the water. It really was a beautiful day, one not one to waste inside. But the other half of the party in the little boat thought differently.

“Why did I let you talk me into coming out here. I could finishing my essay for charms, but I let you drag me out into a ruddy boat to do absolutely nothing and-“

“Oh shut up, Remus.” Sirius said crossly, lowering his gaze from a lone cloud wandering along the periwinkle sky to the disgruntled werewolf across from him. “I think you need to relax a bit more.” He added, brain lighting up with an idea. He knew exactly what would take Remus’ mind off of silly essays.

Remus gave an annoyed sigh and went back to brooding, his long legs pulled up to his chest. Small beads of sweat dotted his forehead from the heavy cloak he wore and the summer air mixing unpleasantly around him. He really did seem peeved, and it was extremely too alluring.

So Sirius slowly crawled over to the other end of the small boat, resting a hand over Remus’ foot. Remus shot him with a death glare, his lips pursed in a thin line. Sirius grinned, shifting closer and pulled his legs away from his chest.

“I’m going to help you relax.” Sirius simply stated, conquering his first task of lowering the other boy’s legs. Remus shifted a bit, moving as far away from Sirius as possible when a large thin hand came in contact with his crotch.

“Sirius!” he hissed, his gaze darting around to see if anyone was near. A few students darted the ground and a few boats drifted on the other side of the lake, so they were relatively alone out in the middle. “What if someone sees us? What the hell are- Get your hands out of there!” he cried when Sirius snaked his way into his robes, hand sliding down his stomach.

“But Remus,” Sirius purred, setting himself in between Remus’ spread legs, hand moving lower to unlatch the fabric, “If we stay low enough in the boat, no one will suspect anything.” Loving lips caressed Remus’ ear as Sirius started to kiss his way down his neck.

Remus open his mouth to berate him, but found that he could not voice his opinion seeing as that Sirius had finally succeeded in undoing his trousers and slipped a wet hand on his half hard erection. Suddenly everything else had seemed so insignificant, just as long as Sirius continued doing what he was doing.

Pulling them down, Sirius lay atop him and stroked with sure movements. Their hips aligned and a shock of pleasure surged through their bodies, making toes curl and teeth clench as hard cocks met with Sirius’ hand trapped between.

Remus moaned, leaning up to capture Sirius’ lips in a frenzy to stifle another moan when their hips rolled together. Every time the waves of the lake would rock the boat, their hips would meet just that harder. Soon enough, their thrusts became more disordered and the boast swayed precariously.

Thrusting up erratically, Remus leaned his head back as white stars flooded his vision when he came. He had not noticed that as he did so, their flushed bodies were swaying rather dangerously. When he opened his eyes to the bright light of the sun and the sweeping feeling as he slowly came down, he felt Sirius shudder when he was released. His convulsing body was enough to do the trick, and suddenly it felt as if the world were being turned upside down.

Or maybe it was just the boat.
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