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Title: Good boy
Rating: Hard R/Low NC:17
Location: Professor McGonagall's office
Word count: 844
Author's Notes: I started this last night, and think I may have posted it somewhere. God help me.

‘Sirius, we’re going to get caught, we’re going to get caught!’

Remus’ desperate plea to stop Sirius was so clearly ignored when Sirius pushed his hips into Remus, his swollen, pink lips crushing down on the corner of his mouth.

‘And that’s half the fun, isn’t it?’ Sirius gruffly replied, his fingers running up Remus’ unbuttoned shirt. Remus shivered, a strangled cry coming from the back of his throat.

‘Listen,’ Remus commanded as he felt Sirius’ hard cock press against his hip, ‘This not the time nor the place--’ his voice broke slightly as Sirius’ hand unzipped his fly and was shoved down his pants, ‘--for such antics, McGona--’ oh, gods, now it was in his underwear ‘--gall will be here any minute!’

Sirius just let out a low ‘mm-hmm’ and shut Remus up by kissing him fiercely. Trying not to lose himself too much in the simply irresistible nature that was Sirius Black, Remus kept on the look-out, his back pressing roughly against the wall behind Professor McGonagall’s desk, precisely three minutes before class was to finish, thus meaning her return to her office.

And that was when Remus found something cold (was that lubrication?) and swollen (oh, Merlin, Sirius, no) pushing inside of his arse.

‘Sirius, no…’ Remus whined, wrapping his arms around Sirius neck as he was shagged, rather inelegantly, against the wall, hating and just loving every minute of it. It wasn’t romantic and it was very uncomfortable, but so lewd, which only made Remus want more and when the fuck had Sirius pulled the lubrication out?

Remus knew he thought too much, and although it helped him on the odd occasion- like right now about how much time they had to do whatever Sirius had on the agenda because Sirius never listened to him- but generally it was utterly useless. Like, why had he allowed himself to let Sirius drag him off ten minutes early from Charms when he knew he would be kicking himself about it later.

And now, precisely seven minutes later, he was pressed up against a wall in their Transfiguration professor’s office, with Sirius’ cock in his arse, lustful and horny and carnal and lascivious and any other words to describe one wanting more time to fuck. Remus could hear classes being dismissed and students racing to the Great Hall for dinner. They could be caught at any minute.

‘Sir- please, please, later,’ he begged, knowing it was no use, because Sirius was pushing him hard into the wall, and rocking and digging his nails in and it was all so blood wonderful. Sirius wanted to do this, and Sirius knew Remus wanted to do this and Sirius knew that they now only had two minutes before McGonagall would arrive and Sirius knew just because he was Sirius that Remus got off on this and secretly this was his major kink because it was so naughty and Remus was a good boy and a Prefect and always did the right thing and would never ever be pressed up against the wall behind their Head of House’s desk with only a minute and half before class started and just begging to be fucked and panting and yearning and climaxing.

And Remus was so completely normal and hated long, run-off sentences.

Sirius pulled out, let him fall to the floor, and helped him button his shirt and pull up Remus’ pants that had fall around his knees, barely having the decency to do the same to himself. He picked up their bags, which they had dropped when Sirius first started on him. Helping him to his feet, Sirius pulled him towards the door to the back of the office. McGonagall entered barely ten seconds. Saying a ‘good evening’ to her like a good little student, he silently prayed to whatever god there was she wouldn’t asked why they had been in her office and looked absolutely disheveled.

‘Mister Lupin,’ McGonagall called as they were about to leave, a knowing look in her eyes as she busied herself with some pieces of parchment, ‘would you care so much as to do your trousers up before you leave?’

Looking down in a state of shock and horror, Remus zipped up his fly- because he was a good boy- and rushed out, blushing furiously. Beside him, Sirius cackled softly. Remus hung his head, knowing he would never be able to look McGonagall in the eye ever again.


Leaning over, Sirius hissed to him: ‘we got caught. Let’s do that again sometime.’

Remus glared, and snapped back with ‘that’s the fifth time we’ve done that. I don’t think so, Sirius.’

‘Well, we’ll keep doing it until she gives us a detention, eh?’

Remus stared at him, flabbergasted. Sirius nudged him in the ribs as they made it to the Great Hall.

‘And you just love it. How else would you get out of Charms so easily? You’re a naughty, naughty boy Remus and should be stripped of your Prefect title.’

‘How about my clothes?’

‘’Atta boy, Moony.’

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