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1001 Ways
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1001 Places Remus and Sirius Defiled Hogwarts in Many Interesting and Complicated Ways. A Comedy.

So this is basically a challenge community for comedic Remus/Sirius porn. Because I am a slob with a bizarre organization fetish, I've tried to arrange this as neatly impossible.

Also, I'm sayin' this right here, 'cause I know now everyone will read all the other stuff:

There is to be no "SIRI" or "REMI" or any variations on those horrid nicknames because they are bad. Thanks.

Okay so...

Things of Note:
How it Started
And then...
The Rules of Conduct
Posting Format
Community Disclaimer
Places Defiled

How It Started: So there was this discussion going on over at starstillwonder's place...

And raelala said:
Remus and Sirius should have sex in the Hogwarts clean laundry bins somewhere in the hot and sweaty basement. I think that would be fun. :P

Then, regala_electra said:
Hee, so you're pro-Sirius and Remus doing it all over Hogwarts? Now that would be an interesting fic - a 1001 Places Remus and Sirius Defiled Hogwarts in Many Interesting and Complicated Ways. A Comedy.

Then little further down, regina_terra said:
I smell a drabble challenge. And I would totally make a big huge post in my lj about it, and make everyone and their dog write a drabble or a ficlet for it, but alas! I'm friends only. You should totally do it though.

So... my hopes were not high... but I totally did it anyway.

I challenge you ALL!!!

1001 Places Remus and Sirius Defiled Hogwarts in Many Interesting and Complicated Ways. A Comedy.

GO! :P

And then: There were over 295 posts made within a day (and apparently it's still going). I had said originally that if there was any sort of decent sized response, I would make a little archive. I had intended to make it an actual website, initially, however, I have issues (such as bandwidth, and extreme laziness when it comes to updating... but mostly, looking at my cPanel, it's bandwidth), so I went community instead.

The upside to this being - I WILL put everything into the memories as neatly as humanly possible. And also, people can just post without wondering when (or if) if will ever wind up in the archive. Perhaps in the future other similar challenges will be issued and we can all play along and won't that be fun.

The Rules Are: THERE ARE NO RULES!!! Muwahaha. OMG, no I am totally lying, so please do read over this before you join.

Okay, the rules are: Remus and Sirius have to do it. It has to be at least mildly comedic (or intensely hot) and completely free of angst.

The original challenge was for them to defile 1001 places on the Hogwarts grounds. A lot of spots have been taken and a list is slowly compiling in the community memories, but in the meantime, feel free to get creative... or repetitive. If they've already found a location and have started going at it in your head... just make sure they go at it in a different way.

Also, to keep it from being absolutely madness, only members can post to the community and no off-topic posts are allowed. Basically, if you don't got porn, and you're not a mod, please don't post.

Posting Format: Just one last thing, for ease of archiving: When posting fic, use the usual fic header as would be used in regular fic communities if you like, but please PLEASE include in your post (in either the subject, or the fic notes) the location of your story. (ie: Location: The Kitchen). Ooh, and please put the length of the fic behind an LJ cut, so as not to clog people's flists with lengthy posts. Thanks!

We Disclaim: (with much sadness) Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. They belong to JK Rowling. We just like to make them have sex.... a lot. Hogwarts and all other parts of the Harry Potter universe also belong to Jk Rowling. We just like to make people have sex in it... a lot.