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How Sirius Black came to spend two weeks in the Girls' Dormitory in the spring of '76

Title: How Sirius Black came to spend two weeks in the Girls' Dormitory in the spring of '76

Rating: PG-13

Location: Uh... not where the title suggests (see Author Notes in the end of the ficlet)

Word count: 587

Author's Notes: Sequel to jaxindi's Interviewing Applicants. This is for her, for letting me play with her original bunny.


'Well, Pomona, if you don't have any more questions, I'm pleased to welcome you to the Hogwarts Staff.'

'Thank you so much, it's an honour.' The younger witch said. 'But say, Prof-- Minerva,' both witches smiled at each other, 'who were those two young men we caught early this morning?'

'In Greenhouse Number Three?' Professor MacGonagall rolled her eyes. 'Two Gryffindors of the worse kind. The one that…the one with lighter hair is Remus Lupin, the werewolf I told you about.'

'Oh, the poor dear. He has such sweet eyes.'

'Right.' When they had caught the two boys with the proverbial trousers down, Lupin's eyes looked all but sweet, but Professor MacGonagall didn't want to think about it. 'The other one is Sirius Black, the bane of my existence.'

'A Black? And does he know that the other boy is a…'

'I think so. He's always around at the Hospital Wing, after every full moon. Loyal as a puppy. Do you remember the Andromeda Black scandal a couple of years ago?'

'…And the Alphard Black one when I was still attending school.' Professor Sprout nodded knowingly.

'Exactly. Our Mr Black seems to have followed their rebellious path. He ran away from home two summers ago to stay with the Potters. Brilliant student, he is, despite being a prankster. Both are brilliant students in fact. But since they…found each other…I no longer know what to do.'

'Well, I'm happy that boys with such unhappy lives have found love.'

'Yes, of course,' Professor MacGonagall added hastily. 'Mind you, I'm not judging their preferences. But ever since they found each other, they seem to be in some sort of quest. A quest to defile Hogwarts in 1001 ways. I've even entertained the idea of moving one to the girls' dormitory. It's not like any of them is a menace to the girls' honour, is it?' Both women chuckled.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

'Speaking of the devil.' Another chuckle. 'It must be them for their detention. Right on time. Just a minute!'

The knocking continued.

'I said just a minute! Well, Pomona…'

The knocking became frantic.

'Well, I never…Who is it?'

The knocking had turned into banging.

'Oh, my, Minerva. Do you think something might be wrong?' Professor Sprout asked, a look of worry in her face.

'I'm coming!' Professor MacGonagall was now sure the entire castle could hear the noise.

She opened the door and stepped back just in time to avoid Sirius Black, who fell forward with Remus Lupin on top of him, both boys with their trousers around the ankles.

'Er…' said Remus.

'Oh no!' Cried Sirius.' Evans is going to turn my hair pink! No, green! Purple with yellow dots!'


And this is how Sirius Black came to spend two weeks in the Girls' Dormitory in the spring of '76. He was supposed to have spend the rest of the year there, but Professor MacGonagall took pity of his ever-changing hair colour, courtesy of one Lily Potter, nee Evans (Hg: 1970 - 1976. See Chapter CLIII - Hogwarts' Head Girls throughout the Ages, page 50.438). Although said Professor maintains she got worried over the amount of students who got sick when Mr. Black arrived to breakfast sporting a psychedelic green and purple pattern with red stripes in his hair.

'Hermione?' Ron whispers. 'Hermione, is something the matter?'

Across the table in the library Harry is looking worriedly at her.

'Hum…No, nothing,' Hermione says blushing, and closes her copy of Hogwarts, A History.

The End

A/N: place defiled: against MacGonagall's office door.
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