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In a Slytherin Bed

Title: In a Slytherin Bed
Author: dawniky
Disclaimer: JK owns all.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Word count: 885
Summary: Sirius finds a place for him and Remus to play.
Authors Note: Written for the 1001ways challenge. Cross-posted at dawniky, remusxsirius and 1001ways. Mucho thanks to my beta mybabyangel.

"Of all the daft ideas you've had, this one has got to take the cake," Remus informed his lover, who was pulling him along a dark corridor at a gentle jog.

"Oh, come on, I've done worse," Sirius said, grinning.

Remus took a moment to go over everything Sirius had done that he had found stupid. "No, I can't recall anything," he confirmed.

"Ah, so after this I have a new challenge then. Nice," Sirius said. The pair stopped outside a blank stone wall, and after checking the Marauder's Map clutched in his hand, Sirius whispered, "Parseltongue." The wall slid back, revealing the Slytherin common room.

"I don't know about this," Remus said, furrowing his brow as he peered inside. The ceiling was low and there were torchlights along the walls, shining a greenish light into the cold room.

"You worry too much, Moony, did you know that?" Sirius asked, bouncing happily into the common room. He turned to face Remus, who was still waiting outside the door, looking apprehensive. "Oh come on in, no one will be back from the feast for at least another hour!"

Remus knew he wouldn't win, and if he stood outside the door for too long, he would either be caught or it would close on him. Cautiously, Remus entered the large room, his eyes travelling over his surroundings as though he suspected something to jump out at him.

"So now we're here, what did you want to show me?" Remus asked. It was before the Christmas feast that Sirius told his lover to eat quickly and then follow him out of the Great Hall before any of the other students had finished. The grey-eyed boy would not explain why, but only said it would be worth it.

Sirius replied with a grin. "Follow me," he said before he raced up a set of stairs.

Panicking, Remus chased after him. What was Sirius playing at? If they were caught in the common room, it would be bad, but in a dormitory? He didn't like to think about the punishment for that. "Padfoot? Where are you?" Remus heard a door slam shut on the floor above him. Taking the stairs two at a time, he found himself in front of a wooden door with 'Seventh Years' engraved into the oak.

Pulling the door open, Remus' eyes searched the room for any sign of where Sirius was hiding. Noticing that only one of the four beds had its hangings pulled closed; he walked over to the bed quietly, hoping to startle Sirius.

Remus licked his lips as his hands took hold of the green drapes and tugged them apart to reveal … Sirius … naked. Remus gasped in shock. Sure, he had seen the Animagi naked about a hundred times, but this … this was so sexy.

"Hello, Moony," Sirius murmured. "Care to join me?" Sirius didn't even have to ask, as the moment the question passed his lips, Remus had already pulled off his robes and climbed into the Slytherin bed. "I'll take that as a yes."

Remus pulled Sirius into a hungry kiss. His lover had never ceased to disappoint him in finding new places to shag, and this was no exception. The last place they had 'defiled' was strangely enough Hagrid's bed. The bed was huge, very comfortable and allowed a lot of moving around. Sirius guessed that the whole Gryffindor Quidditch team could sleep in there together, and still have legroom to stretch out.

"Oh, Sirius," Remus moaned as he felt a hand take hold of his erection, stroking the shaft. Not wanting to be the only one feeling so good and warm inside, he took hold of Sirius' penis, which was dripping with precum at each little noise that Remus made.

"Faster," Sirius gruffly said, shifting his weight to one side so the other boy could pick up the pace easier. "More."

Both hands moved fast, and each Marauder felt a rush in the pit of their stomachs. Knowing the other was close, they changed position. Remus, who was usually subdominant, was on all fours, his hands gripping the covers, bracing himself. Sirius climbed onto his lover and muttered a simple spell on his reddening erection, so that he would be able to ease himself into the other wizard without hurting him. Much.

Soon enough, Remus had forgotten all about breaking rules and being caught. He was shrieking out Sirius' name as the dark-haired wizard thrust into him hard, his free hand stroking Remus' throbbing cock. Faster and faster they moved, sweat pouring down their foreheads and onto the clean green sheets.

It didn't take long for that rush in their stomachs to build up, and both boys screamed out in ecstasy as they came. Sirius' seed spilled, in his opinion, into the sexiest arse in the world, while Remus came all over his lover's hand as well as the unsuspecting Slytherin's sheets…


Later that evening, Severus Snape was standing next to his bed, staring at it with a misplaced expression on his face. His roommate Nott stood next to him, and his eyes moved from Severus' strange expression to the perfectly normal looking bed.

"What's wrong?" Nott asked, not getting the joke.

"I'm not sure," Severus replied slowly. "But my bed feels wet."

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