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Location: Another Secret Passageway

Title Looking For A Rhythm Like You
Author beingothrwrldly
Disclaimer The situation is mine, the characters are not.
Rating NC-17
Pairing Remus/Sirius
Length 2337
Location A secret passageway, while researching for the Marauder's Map.

Trailing his fingers lightly along the cracks in the wall, Remus chided himself for letting Sirius talk him into searching for a tunnel at four o'clock in the morning.

“Pads,” Remus said, stifling a yawn, “we’ve been at this for ages, it’s nearly four.” He stopped, his hand pressing against cool stone as Sirius skidded to a halt and turned back to him, a look of astonishment in his eyes. “Why don’t we pick up here tomorrow?”

Sirius walked back towards him slowly, his arms crossed over his chest. “But we’re so far from the common room,” he said softly. “And we’re so *close* to finding *it*,” he whispered, his eyes sparkling with optimism.

“Of course,” Remus said patiently, pulling his wand from his robes, “but we can mark this spot. We’ll come back tomorrow night, and we’ll find it—”

Sirius was shaking his head before Remus had all of the words out. “But I can feel it right *now*, because we are so *close* to it right now. I can feel it in my bones. And in my fingers, and my toes. And in my ears!” Sirius raised both eyebrows, his eyes wide. “My *ears*, Moony!”

Remus sighed. “I understand,” he said solemnly. He continued walking, his fingers brushing along cracks and dipping between the stones, his eyes on the floor. “And do we know where we’re looking yet?”

“We’re looking here,” Sirius said, falling into step next to Remus, his fingers laced together behind his back. “Along these walls. It’s down here, Moony, it’s got to be. We’ve looked everywhere else, and here,” he waved an arm errantly, “is the only place left to look.”

They reached a fork in the hallway, and stopped. Remus’ hand fell to his side as he tilted his head, studying the two directions. He looked at Sirius. “Which way?”

Sirius pressed a finger to his lips, glancing from hallway to hallway. He opened his mouth, and closed it. Opened, closed. He finally pointed to the left, walking confidently into the darkness. “This one,” he called back to Remus, his hand stuffed into his robes. “Lumos.” A soft light glowed from the tip of his wand. Remus didn’t move.

“Are you certain it’s that one, Sirius?” he said, as loudly as he dared and trying to keep his voice from shaking. Sirius looked over his shoulder, a mischievous glint in his eye, and Remus’ stomach twisted unpleasantly. “Right, then,” he said, more to himself than anything, and he began to follow.

“It’s getting stronger,” Sirius called over his shoulder, and Remus winced at his disregard for quiet in the early morning hours. He silently thanked Merlin that there were no portraits in this part of the castle, that the walls were bare and wet and smelled faintly of old socks. Remus swallowed unpleasantly, his pace slowing. He was getting the feeling that this was a Bad Idea.

“Pads, come on,” he said, his voice wavering slightly, and Sirius stopped, pointing his wand at Remus. Remus instinctively held up a hand, and Sirius gasped softly.

“Argh, I’m sorry,” he grumbled, shaking his head and dropping his hand to his side. He walked towards Remus, and Remus leaned back against the wall, steadying his breathing. “You’re right, we should come back tomorrow, earlier – nox,” he muttered to his wand, “and we’ll be sure to.” He trailed off when the wall behind Remus began to groan, and Remus jumped away, his heart pounding in his throat.

They backed against the opposite wall as the wall they’d been leaning against swung open. Stairs led down into darkness, and Remus noticed a faint glow of candlelight flickering from somewhere far beyond the opening. “You can’t be serious,” Sirius breathed, and he looked at Remus with wide eyes. “There it is.”

Remus nodded, looking back at the opening and pushing away from the wall. “We should go in, yeah?”

Sirius nodded silently, but made no effort to move forward. “Sirius.” He jumped, looking back at Remus. “We should go in,” Remus said again, slower. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Sirius nodded, and took a deep breath. He gestured to the opening. “After you, Moony, since you’re the one who found it, and...that.”

Remus eyed him suspiciously, and steeled his jaw, keeping one hand in his robes and on his wand. He walked towards the opening, and Sirius kept close behind him. Remus hesitated at the top of the stairs, just for a moment, and Sirius collided with him. “Oof,” Remus said, grasping for the wall and scraping his fingertips against rough stone. He tumbled down the stairs, Sirius still close behind him, and Remus landed at the bottom, flat on his back. “Ouch,” he murmured, propping himself up on his elbows and wincing. He looked down to see Sirius, sprawled across Remus’ waist.

“That was an *adventure*, Moony,” Sirius said, the twinkle still in his eye and his tone far too cheerful. Remus winced, and Sirius sat up nimbly, straddling a leg on either side of Remus’ waist and grinning playfully at him. “An adventure,” he repeated softly, tracing a finger across Remus’ stomach, snaking his hand beneath Remus’ robes.

“Erm.” Remus squinted at Sirius’ hand, at Sirius’ wrist where his hand had disappeared. His elbows ached. “Where’re you going?”

Sirius didn’t reply, looking at Remus meaningfully, and Remus glanced up the staircase behind him. “Moo-oo-ny,” Sirius sang softly, his fingers deftly maneuvering around the buckle of Remus’ belt. “One adventure deserves another,” he said matter-of-factly, as Remus heard the buckle fall open. “Ah.” Sirius grinned triumphantly. “And a celebration.” He put his hand on the stone next to Remus’ ear and leaned forward. “So, we celebrate.”

Remus coughed. “Ah,” he said simply, afraid to breathe. “Yes.”

Sirius laughed suddenly, raucous and echoing, and Remus nearly bit off his own tongue when Sirius dropped his mouth down and kissed him, their lips pinching satisfyingly between their teeth and Sirius’ nose pressing into Remus’ cheek. “Ah,” Remus said again, this time with comprehension dawning in his voice. “I see.”

“You’re so precise, Moony,” Sirius said, his own voice a gruff whisper, as he pushed Remus’ robes open. “So scholarly, so conscientious.” He looked up then, a lock of dark hair falling over his eyes, and Remus blinked. “Everything you say sounds like a professor. Everything. It’s *brilliant*.”

Remus squinted as Sirius shrugged his own robes off of his shoulders. He unbuttoned his shirt with deft fingers, using his left hand to unbutton Remus’ shirt, and Remus wondered how he did it without confusing himself. “It’s amazing, really, the coordination,” he concluded in a murmur, not realizing he’d been speaking out loud until Sirius stared at him for a moment too long.

“I’m flattered,” he said, fluttering his eyelashes and kissing Remus again, “really, I am, that you find me to be,” he leaned down, his lips just brushing Remus’, “a-may-zing,” he drawled with a sly grin, kissing Remus quickly, “but this is getting rather involved, dare I say, with all this talking. Because this door” – he gestured over his shoulder, more towards the wall next to him than to the door. “This door is *open*, Moony.”

“Perhaps we should shut it,” Remus reasoned, shivering with the breeze drifting across the bare skin at his waist. Sirius froze, staring down at him, his eyes curious and innocent.

“And you call yourself a Marauder,” Sirius whispered, his breath tickling the skin around Remus’ nipple. “The risk is what makes it *exciting*.” Sirius focused his attention on Remus’ right nipple first, tracing his tongue in quick and hungry circles around it. Remus felt his back arch on its own accord, though he couldn’t quite blame it, as Sirius nipped at his right nipple, lifting his head and grinning up at him through his hair before moving on to the left, his circles becoming quicker and more urgent, and Remus propped himself up on an elbow.

“Pads,” he hissed, his voice hot bursts of air. Sirius lifted his head too quickly, too abruptly, and Remus whimpered. “Mer*lin*.”

Sirius pulled himself up, his chest pressing against Remus’, his heart pounding with anticipation. “Patience, Moony,” he said in a soft sing-song tone. “Patience is the *key*.”

Remus glanced past him to the doorway, as Sirius lowered his head, licking a final circle around Remus’ left nipple. He traced a quick line across Remus’ chest, his tongue dipping across the curve over his heart, and when Sirius followed a line over the hollow of Remus’ throat, Remus was certain, definitely certain, that he was going to lose it.

“Padfoot.” Remus interrupted him urgently, the word jumbling itself with Sirius’ tongue. “Pads. *Sirius*.”

“That,” Sirius huffed, his breath short and warm, smelling of moonless stars and chocolate – oh, chocolate - and Remus’ heart swelled. “That,” he continued, “is my name, and why are you interrupting me?” He lifted his head, chewing his lower lip in distractedly worry, his eyes wide and lustful.

Remus shook his head quickly, instantly. “Not interrupting,” he whispered quickly, the back of his head pressing into the stone floor. “It’s just. Now.” His sentences were becoming quick and simple, and not really sentences at all, and it was when Remus’ sentences turned to single words that Sirius knew it was time. He nodded simply, and when Remus stole a glance over his shoulder at the dark doorway, and Sirius laughed suddenly.

“It’s past four,” he whispered, slipping his hand to the back of Remus’ neck, his fingers scratching against the nape of his neck, tangling in his hair and tugging softly. “Relax.”

Relax. Relax. He could relax. Sirius leaned down and kissed him again, and Remus breathed deep, through his nose. When Sirius pulled away, Remus couldn’t remember where his pants had gone to. “Huh,” he said softly, looking up at Sirius. “Brilliant.”

Sirius’ eyes lit, and he broke into a grin. “That’s the spirit!” he said enthusiastically, and suddenly his face became serious again. “But the talking must stop, because we’re never going to accomplish anything if you keep talking. Huhing.”

Remus nodded, clamping his lips together with his teeth, and Sirius shook his head, tracing his fingers over Remus’ mouth. Remus felt a tingling, sharp and soft and magical, and he inhaled sharply. “Now, what help is that going to be, then?” Sirius whispered, slipping his own pants off of his hips. He pressed his lips to Remus’, and the tingling grew stronger until Remus couldn’t remember his own last name.

“Urg,” he said into Sirius’ lips, and Sirius pulled back, tilting his head to one side. Remus pressed his lips together, squinting at Sirius. “What’ve you done?” he said quickly, his voice choked as Sirius stroked his fingers along the length of Remus’ dick.

“Simple spell,” he murmured, tracing lazily around the head. “Nothing too complex, Moony. A bit of wandless magic.” He pressed his thumbs into Remus’ hips, his dick moving closer, and Remus felt the tingling spread to his hips.

“You’re doing wandless magic,” Remus panted, “in a hidden passageway,” Sirius nodded quickly, biting Remus’ collarbone, “at four o’clock in the morning?”

Sirius nodded, pressing his palm between Remus’ dick and his own, biting his lower lip. “And I’m about to shag you,” he hissed, “senseless, I might add, with wandless magic, in a hidden passageway.” He pulled his hand away quickly, his dick flush against Remus’, and he shifted slightly. Remus gasped, pressing his head back into the stone. “And it’s four twenty-one,” Sirius added with a pant, as he pushed inside of Remus, and his eyes went nearly black. There were spots of light and color, but for the most part, he could only hear moans and pants, could only feel back arching and stomach, sticky and damp and smelling of sex.

Sirius trailed his tongue across Remus’ collarbone, leaving the tingling in its wake, and he kissed a line along Remus’ throat, ending at his lower lip. He sucked on it softly, gently, developing a pattern and alternating, sucking, nibbling, sucking, nibbling, until the thrusts quickened and Remus grabbed his forearm – “Now, Padfoot, now” – and Sirius came just before Remus did, satisfaction and ecstasy coursing through his blood as he pressed his chest close to Remus’, and he could almost hear their hearts pound together.

“You used wandless magic,” Remus panted again, his brain in overdrive as Sirius curled up next to him, his leg crossed over Remus’ and his arm draped over his belly. “At four o’clock in the morning.”

“For you,” Sirius added. “And in a hidden passageway, no less.”

Remus grinned. “An impressive feat, Mr. Black,” he said quietly, and Sirius pressed his lips into Remus’ shoulder, letting the last few sparks of magic transfer to his body, and Remus shivered gently, his fingertips dancing across the small of Sirius’ back. Sirius glanced back at the doorway, nearly dark rays of light beginning to peek into the castle. He stood up slowly, shivering, and Remus sat up next to him, reaching for his pants.

“We can cross that off the list, then,” Sirius said as he picked up his shirt from the corner, tugging it on over his head. “We’re getting closer, Moony, I can feel it.”

Remus hides a smile. “Hogwarts is a complex place,” he said, pulling on his pants and reaching for his robes. “We’ve got a long way to go, yet.”

Sirius nodded, contemplating the statement. “Well, then, you’re right as always, Moony.” Remus smiled bashfully, looking away from Sirius’ eyes. “Shall we say then, mischief managed, for tonight?” He gave Remus what he hoped was a tentative, kind smile, and his heart swelled when Remus smiled back.

“Mischief managed,” Remus said as they climbed the stairs, the sunlight peeking through more and more by the moment. “Has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?”

Sirius grinned, bounding up the few steps between himself and Remus and grabbing at the back of his robes. “Definitely,” he said quietly, and Remus turned back to face him. “Definitely brilliant.”
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