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Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock

The Hospital Wing

Title: The Hospital Wing
Author: Lacy
Location: The Hospital Wing
Pairing: S/R
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 389

Sorry I was a little slow on the uptake, here! =)

Remus lay quite still against the starched linen sheets of his hospital bed, staring into the darkness that stretched into eternity behind his eyes, and concentrating on breathing. It was warm. He pushed one bare foot out from under the sheets to bask in the warm spring air. Too warm to be cooped up in the hospital wing, that much was certain, but Madam Pomfry had never let him out without at least twelve solid hours of bed rest, and he doubted very much she was going to suddenly change her mind today. Even if he had come in that morning with little more than a few scratches, most of those from errant tree branches rather than wolf claws.

A soft breeze blew across his face from the open window, and he opened his eyes just a slit to see who had come in. He was met with the sight of two grey eyes staring at him over the foot of his bed.

"You awake?" Sirius asked in a theatrical whisper. Remus felt himself smile.

"No," he replied, closing his eyes again. Suddenly he gasped as something warm and wet started sucking on his pinky toe. His eyes shot open.

"What are you doing?" he laughed as Sirius continued to purse his lips in mock concentration and lick each of his other toes in turn. "Stop it! That tickles!"

"You have," Sirius said between licks, "cute toes."

Remus laughed again, squirming slightly. "You're daft."

"'M not," Sirius replied, kissing Remus' insole so that he let out a loud belly laugh and almost kicked Sirius in the face before clamping a hand over his mouth. Sirius smiled at him wickedly as he abandoned his toes and began slowly climbing up onto the bed with him. Remus raised an eyebrow at him.

"What are you doing?" he asked again.

"Making you feel better," Sirius replied matter-of-factly as he stretched languorously half on top of Remus and half beside him in the narrow hospital bed.

"And where," Remus asked, trying to remain practical as Sirius slowly drained his practicality away with the tips of his fingers and the ghosted kisses of his lips. "Where is Madam Pomfry?"

"At lunch," Sirius whispered, his voice deep and warm against Remus' ear and the small hairs along his neck.

"Oh," Remus managed to reply. "Oh..."
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