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Ancient Runes Class

Title: Ura (Heather)

Author: sethkyne_blue

Location: Ancient Runes Classroom

Pairing: S/R

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 1437

Content: public sex

Summary:  Sirius is determined; Remus is horrified.

A/N: No beta. (Please let me know if there are any horrible mistakes/inconsistencies!)  I can’t figure out if I think this one is cute or too contrived.  And just a general funny thought that’s been fluttering around in my head—if Sirius and Remus really did have all the sex that’s described in this archive, they would never have had time to go to class.  Oh, wait…maybe that’s why they started having sex *in* class...*gleep!*  Damn.  Why do I type these things?  *smacks self in forehead*





“Moony…tssst, Moony!  A bit of crumpled parchment hit the back of Remus’ head.    He turned his face slightly to the side so he could just glance over his left shoulder.


What? he mouthed, irritated.


Sirius leaned forward across his open book, whispering, “Sit next to me in Runes, yeah?”


Remus risked twisting a bit more in his seat to give Sirius a full-on confused expression. “What—?”  Just then, the bell rang to signal the end of Potions and Remus turned around completely.  “Why couldn’t that have waited until after class?”


“Moony,” Sirius said as if Remus were a rather dim child, “the bell just rang; it is after class.”  He scooped up his things into an untidy pile and shook his head sadly.  “Honestly, Mr. Lupin.  Sometimes I have to wonder about you.  Been here six years and he still doesn’t know what the bell means.”  He brushed quickly through the crowd of departing students, shooting Remus a toothy grin.


“He’s mad,” Remus said quietly to himself, staring blankly at Sirius’ empty desk.




“Moony!”  Sirius was waving his hand from a table at the back of the classroom.


Remus sighed.  He normally liked to sit closer to the front, Peter his usual desk-mate, but James was already in that seat, conferring quietly over something most likely Map-related.  He slid in next to Sirius who was lounging artfully in his chair, coolly surveying Remus from beneath lowered lids.




“Nothing.”  Sirius’ full lips twitched as if he wanted to laugh, but didn’t want to have to explain the joke.


What?”  Remus pulled out quill and parchment from his school bag.


Sirius just shook his head, eyes glinting with suppressed mirth.  “I’ll tell you later.”


“All right.”  Remus eyed Sirius suspiciously.  “So what’s all this about changing seats today?  I thought you and James liked to muck about in the back and then just copy my notes later.” 


The sarcasm was apparently lost on Sirius, or he simply ignored it.  “James wanted to talk to Peter about some things.”  Sirius stretched fully, both arms above his head, concluding with a sharp little wiggle of his hips.  His misbuttoned shirt rode up a bit, giving Remus a quick peek of smooth stomach sprinkled with a trail of tiny dark hairs that disappeared into the top of Sirius’ trousers. 


Remus looked away hurriedly, licking his lips.  How does he make that look so pornographic?  Focus, man, focus. 


The Runes professor picked that moment to enter the room, providing Remus with a convenient distraction.


The lecture had gone on for about twenty or thirty minutes when Sirius sighed loudly and slumped a bit further down in his seat.  Remus assumed he was preparing himself for a nap until—“Moony.”


“Hmm?”  He didn’t look up from his notes.


“Got a bit of chocolate?”


“Uh…sure.  Hang on.”  He parted his robes, digging about in his trouser pockets.  “I don’t know if—Sirius?  What are you doing?”


Sirius had listed sideways in his chair, his right hand slipping up the inside of Remus’ thigh.  He didn’t answer, just raised an eyebrow suggestively.


“What are you—?”


His hand brushed across Remus’ crotch, teasing in its gentleness.  “Clever way to get you to open your robes, eh?”  Sirius’ eyes narrowed.  Fingers working quickly, he popped open Remus’ fly one-handed and slid his hand inside. 


“What the fuck—?  Shit, Padfoot, what the hell?”  Remus’ voice was low and rough with barely contained panic.  “We’re in class for Merlin’s sake.”


Sirius winked at him merrily and wrapped his hand tightly around Remus’ inappropriately stiffening cock, giving several determined pumps.


“Uhhn,” Remus burst out before he could control himself.


The whole class, including Professor Scrivener, was suddenly staring at him.


“That’s quite right, Mr. Lupin.  Onn, the gorse bush, is the Ogam symbol associated with sexuality.  Five points to Gryffindor.  But next time, Mr. Lupin, please raise your hand.”  Scrivener smiled at him fondly.


Cheeks blazing, Remus nodded his head, wishing fervently that Disapparation were a possibility.  James turned back around after the rest of the class had lost interest, giving him a disbelieving look that clearly asked, Are you mad?  Remus shook his head slowly in response, squinching his eyes shut hard.


There was a snort of laughter to Remus’ left.  He turned accusing eyes on Sirius who sat slouched down in his chair, textbook strategically placed to cover the arm that led to Remus’ lap.  The whole time he’d never let up, simply slowing down his caresses when Remus had called attention to himself.   He wrapped his hand around the base of Remus’ cock now, squeezing maddeningly before stroking up the length to run his thumb over the tip.


Remus gasped and his hand clamped down like steel on Sirius’ wrist.  “Lay off, you stupid tit,” he spat, looking warily at the students around them.  “You’re going to get us both expelled.”


“Not likely,” Sirius drawled softly.  “As long as you don’t make any more strange and interesting noises.  Bite down on your quill or something,” he suggested, sounding annoyed.


“Bugger that.  Just stop it.”  Remus spoke out of the side of his mouth, trying to look like he was paying attention to the lesson.


“Not likely,” Sirius repeated.  “I decided in Potions that I wanted to toss you off in class, and that’s justwhatIintend…to do.”  He punctuated his words with brisk strokes of his hand until Remus’ thighs were trembling.  “You get so lovely and disheveled when you’re flustered.  And your ears go a fetching shade of pink.” 


Sirius leaned in discreetly and gave Remus’ nearest ear a quick, but thorough going-over with his tongue.  “Just settle in and enjoy the ride, love.  We’re half-way there already and I just love the idea of making you come right here with no one the wiser.”


Remus felt himself go slightly cross-eyed.


Sirius took up a leisurely tempo, making sure Remus was good and slick before quickening his hand, making small circles over the sensitive head with his thumb.


Remus pressed his lips together until they turned white, hanging his head forward and furiously staring at the blurring parchment before him.  He felt himself rushing forward towards his climax with frightening speed, but Sirius held back just enough that he was not quite able to reach it.  Sirius was brilliant at wanking and knew Remus’ body almost better than his own, so it was clear to Remus that he was doing it on purpose—prolonging his agony, or his agonizing pleasure, depending on which side of Remus’ brain was currently doing the talking.


Sirius’ hand drew down twice more and then it was only his thumb left, sliding up and down the underside of Remus’ aching cock and tracing lingeringly across the head.  He leaned forward casually, brushing the hair away from his face.  To anyone glancing over at them, he was just a close mate, leaning over to take a look at Remus’ notes and conferring quietly about them.


His breath was hot in Remus’ over-sensitive ear, his voice a husky rasp.  “I love the feel of you in my hand, Moony.  So hard.  So silky.  I wish I could bend you right over this desk and shag you in front of everyone right now.  Gods, you feel so good.”  Soft, black hair brushed Remus’ jaw and he shivered.  “Now, Moony,” his hand began squeezing gently, “I want you to come when I say, yeah?”


Remus nodded mindlessly.  Yes…anything… yes, I don’t care, I love you… ohgodsyes…


“You feel that?  Yeah.  I know you do.  That’s right.  Now, remember to be quiet.  So quiet.  That’s my Moony.  OK.  You ready?  Feel that—yeah.  Now.  Come, Moony—come for me.  That’s right.  Now...now…now.


Remus Lupin gave a barely audible whimper and came all over Sirius’ hand.  In the middle of Runes class.  In the middle of the Runes lesson.  In front of a sodding Professor?  Remus’ head hit the desk with a soft thunk and he let out a wounded sigh.  The class bell rang.


Sirius was grinning, cleaning the mess off his hand with a handkerchief he had nicked from somewhere, most likely for this very purpose.  He made a bit of a show taking a slow lick off his thumb.  “Mmmm…Moony.”  He grinned obnoxiously.


Remus blushed and groaned, hiding his face in his hands.  “You fucking twat.”


“Don’t know what you’re in a strop about, mate.  I’m the one who’s going to be smelling of your crotch for the rest of the day.”


“Oh piss off, Sirius.  And go wash your hands.”


“All right.  Fine.  Say, Moony?”




Do you have any chocolate?"

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