Becky (dizzy_balloon) wrote in 1001ways,

My muse bit me again.

Characters: Minverva McGonagall and Argus Filch.

Just kidding! Got you, didn't I.

Characters: The Pups and a small cameo.
Rated: NC-17
Disclaimer: if they were mine... oh man, I'd be the biggest voyeur ever.

Darkness surrounded the two boys, making it impossible to see anything but the passion alight in each other's eyes. Their hips rocked together, rhythmically and erratically, all at once, and their voices were low and husky, echoing in the small alcove.

"Oh God, Remus," Sirius moaned, pushing his head and back against the wall to try and support himself against Remus' steady thrusts. Remus leaned in for a kiss, letting himself swallow each sound that Sirius emitted.

Their motions grew faster, each of them panting with the anticipation of a climax. Their sounds of pleasure drowned out the noise that signaled they were no longer alone, a small creaking above them. But, the light shining down gave away the fact that James was looking down at them through the hole in the hump-backed witch.

His eyes widened and then he shook his head, "Other people do use this passage, you know." He smiled at his friends, and before leaving, said, "When you're done defiling every nook and cranny of this school, please go get me some firewhiskey, as you're blocking my means of doing so." With that, he closed the hump and left.
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