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The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come
By Minnow

These characters belong to J.K. Rowling and various corporations.
Rating: R
Location: Crystal Ball (Hogwarts issue).

I solemnly swear I will try to stop writing these!

The Shape of Things to Come

James Potter really hated Divination; hated it with a passion. Apart from anything else, he considered it a bore and a waste of time, just as his son would, many years from now. But of course, he could not foresee that.

‘Look into your crystal balls,’ Professor Seewright intoned.

James looked. And dropped the quill he was holding. And squawked.

There, in the deep heart of the crystal, were his two best friends, Sirius and Remus. (In order of bestness.)

They were sitting on Sirius’s bed. This, James thought, was hardly visionary. They were often sitting on Sirius’s bed. And Sirius often had a friendly arm round Remus’s shoulder, as he did now.

But – and this is where James squawked – Sirius did not often follow up by pushing Remus down on to the bed, and starting to kiss him. At first, they just brushed lips, but after a few moments Sirus locked his mouth over Remus’s, and proceeded to snog him. Or that was what it looked like in the crystal ball. Perhaps the image was distorted and there was some perfectly innocent explanation. Maybe Remus had fainted and Sirius was giving him artificial respiration.

Or maybe not.

As James watched, feeling that his eyes (and not just his Inner Eye) were about to bulge out of their sockets, Remus produced his wand from somewhere, waved it, and the curtains round the bed fell shut: leaving James trapped inside, with no escape from the horrible scene being played out in front of him.

Somehow, the two boys had lost a great many of their clothes. Sirius was lying right up next to Remus, still snogging him, their bodies pressed tightly together, their limbs tangled. Shit, James mused; they must feel something when they were getting so incredibly intimate. Possibly something like the way James was beginning to feel now, only perhaps without the added panic and outrage.

Oh, but hang on here! This was Sirius. His best friend, who was closeasabrother. Well, obviously he was pretty close to Remus too, right now. Or would be at some point in the future.

‘Professor,’ James asked, waving his hand in the air and not waiting to be asked. ‘How long does it take for the predictions we see to come true?’

‘It depends,’ said the professor ponderously. ‘Could be five minutes. Could be six years. In one case…’

James tuned out again. Six years, no. This was a Hogwarts bed in a Hogwarts dorm, and the two boys looked roughly the same as they’d looked that morning. Bar the nudity and the kissing and the fact that Remus had rolled on top of Sirius and –

Bloody hell! I didn’t know guys could do that!

James felt his ears going very red, and then the blush seemed to spread through his whole body. And no, he was not turned on, not in the slightest, by the sight of a couple of poofs who happened to be his two best friends actually doing it on a bed in the dorm in full view of anyone who happened to be gazing into a crystal ball at that moment.

Or whatever moment, James reminded himself. Perhaps it wouldn’t ever happen. Perhaps he could stop it somehow. Find Sirius a nice girlfriend – Merlin, every girl in the school lusted after him. Find a girl for Remus, too. One of Evans’s friends really liked him.

James was glad that at least he didn’t have sound effects. It was bad enough just imagining the moans and cries that must be accompanying the increasingly frenetic action.

In the centre of the orb, James’s two greatest mates were rocking together, moving faster now, their eyes scrunched up in concentration. James wondered whether it would be like that with Evans, if Evans ever talked to him again. Of course the anatomy would be different. But it would probably feel the same, hot and slick, rhythmic and sensuous…

The crystal ball shattered.

‘James POTTER!’ Professor Seewright roared. ‘Detention! Two detentions! And you will pay for a new crystal ball. How dare you destroy Hogwarts property?’

‘But – ’

‘And twenty points from Gryffindor!’

Remus and Sirius, happy and flushed after a stimulating Arithmancy session, were waiting for James outside the Transfiguration classroom. James took one look at them, went scarlet, and abruptly turned on his heel and fled, muttering something about a headache and the Hospital Wing.

‘What’s up with Prongs?’ asked Sirius. ‘He sick or something?’

‘I suppose,’ said Remus dubiously. ‘You know how he hates Divination.’

‘Yeah. His lesson obviously wasn’t quite as exciting as ours.’
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