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Up A Tree

Title: Up A Tree
Author: momebie
Location: In a tree in the Forbidden Forest
Words: 1,387
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, I just like to manipulate their universe in naughty ways.

Remus Lupin, he decided to himself, you now have permission to hate Sirius Black. You forgive him for everything and what do you get? You get years of overlooked slights and jabs to be culminated in this. Remus tried not to look down. His elbows were hooked around the tree branch, and while he silently thanked Merlin, Godric, Dumbledore and every other chocolate frog card he had ever owned for the sturdiness of the branch, he was starting to doubt the sturdiness of his arms. Muscles burning, he squinted an eye open to make sure they hadn’t miraculously been lowered to the ground. Nope, still in the air.

It hadn’t ever been a good plan, but Sirius was known for pulling things through. Right after lunch he had asked, no ambushed Remus decided, he had ambushed Remus and dragged him out to the Forbidden Forest. It was a feat, Remus thought, pulling a werewolf that far while carrying your broom in your other hand. But if Remus was true to himself it wasn’t that much of a feat, somehow he always wanted to know what Sirius was up to. He’d let Sirius bring him. Well, this was the last time he’d be had.

“Hey, Moony,” said the voice below him, “I think this might be turning you on.”

“Sirius,” he said through clenched teeth, not because he was particularly angry, he didn’t have time to be, but because his arms were slipping. “Sirius, if you know what’s good for you, you won’t talk. Not now, not ever.”

Remus couldn’t see Sirius, but he was sure he was pouting. There weren’t any grown men in the whole wizarding world that pouted as much as the physically grown Sirius Black. Physically grown, because Godric knows he wasn’t mentally there. Maybe, he hadn’t ever been. It would explain a lot.

When they had first stood under the tree looking up at it Remus felt his stomach lurch. Perhaps his stomach should be giving their batty old Divinations Professor lessons. There was the platform, sixty feet in the air.

“Sirius,” he was still holding tight to the other boys hand and now was considering doing some pulling of his own, in the other direction, far away from any platforms.

“Now Moony,” Sirius shook his hand free and mounted his broom. “Don’t be such a cry werewolf. Come on, get on.”

“Why would I do that? I know what happens when I get on your broom. I end up somewhere infuriatingly high and impossible to get away from. And worst of all, I’m there with you.”

“Certainly you are, I’m there to protect you.” Sirius placed his hand to his heart. His face was solemn but his eyes glinted. “I will forever be your guard dog Moony, I won’t ever let anything happen to you.”

Remus had eyed his friend dubiously, but had climbed on the broom all the same, trying to quell the sirens going off in the back of his head. The trip up to the platform was uneventful. They touched down on the ten by ten square and Sirius carefully placed his broom to the side before seizing Remus about the waist and smattering him with wet, sloppy kisses.

“Geroff!” Remus pushed at Sirius but the other boy had an incredibly strong grip for someone so skinny. They soon ended up flat on the wood, Sirius having unbuttoned Remus shirt and licking his way down to where his fingers were working at the fly on the boy’s trousers. “Ooh,” Remus moaned. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, a voice was yelling, but he couldn’t quite make out what it was saying. Besides, it was getting in the way of enjoying thi-OH! this. Voices should learn their bloody place.

Remus looked down at Sirius and watched as the other boy lazily lapped around his balls, letting his fingers stroke the shaft of Remus’ cock with not near enough urgency as far as Remus was concerned. Remus whimpered. Sirius looked up at him and smiled, that smile.

“What is it dear Moony? You wouldn’t want more would you? You’re a greedy, greedy werewolf.”

“Comes with the territory,” started Remus, but he couldn’t finish because Sirius had swooped his head down and all but swallowed his cock. “Uhhh…” was all he could manage.

Sirius pulled back. “What was that?” His tongue darted out and swirled around the head, some precum stringing back to his lips. “Moony, my love, my heart. What is it you wanted?”

Remus couldn’t remember the last thing he had said. He did however decide that Sirius would be ace at torture, should it ever come down to it. “Ter, terri,” he stuttered.

Sirius dipped his head again, taking Remus’ cock back into his mouth, tongue sliding around the shaft. Remus had tilted his head back and closed his eyes and was deliriously lost in the small suction Sirius was forming with his mouth when he realized that it was suddenly darker. He opened his eyes and looked up. “Bloody bird,” he whispered, through the fog in his mind.

Sirius stopped. “You’ve got it wrong mate,” Remus heard him say. “I’m not a bird. I could be, for you, you know. T’wouldn’t do any good, since you love the co-,” Sirius had also looked up. Standing over them was a very large, winged creature. “Moony,” Sirius’ voice cracked. “What the bloody hell?”

Remus couldn’t hear Sirius, he was too busy listening to the voices he had pushed back earlier. In a tree? They screamed. There’s got to be a reason for a platform in a tree. A REASON! Remus was pretty sure he had just met the reason. “Shite,” was all he could say.

The bird reared back and let out a loud cry and then plunged forward with its beak, just barely missing Remus’ neck.

“Shite, bloody shite!” Remus gasped as he rolled over towards the edge of the platform. Sirius reached for his broom but a flailing wing knocked it to the ground.

“My broom!” Sirius shouted at the forest floor.

“My pants!” Remus yelled urgently. Sirius took this as a call to action and started trying to pull the errant under and outer wear back up Remus’ thighs. The bird screeched again before making another plunge. Remus rolled out of the way again, which was a sound plan, until he realized there was no more platform under his body. The two bodies fell until Remus had caught himself on a branch, shortly under the platform. Sirius, who had still been fumbling with Remus’ trousers, was hanging from his ankles.

The bird, once they were no longer on its perch, had ceased paying attention to them and had flown off. Remus swore under his breath again and cursed the name of Sirius Black.

“Wha’s that, Moony?” asked Sirius from his ankles.

“I said I hate you. Hate you with every fiber of my being.” Remus hugged the branch harder, wondering if it would break from his grip.

“Not every fiber,” said Sirius. Remus, whose trousers were still around his ankles somewhere with Sirius, couldn’t see his penis. He could feel it though, and it took some of the wind out of any argument he was forming in his mind.

“S’just the stress,” he gasped.

“I’ll show you stress, I’ll-,”

“Sirius, if we ever get down from here, and you come near me, I will hex you within an inch of your life. And I’m not even kidding.”

“What if I got us down?”

“And furthermore you-. You can get us down?” Remus tried to tilt his head to see Sirius’ face. He couldn’t see it, but he could see the wand Sirius was holding out from his body. “Have you had that the whole bloody time?”

A chuckle below him answered.

“Why the bloody didn’t you, how could, oh hell, Sirius!”

“What?” Sirius asked casually, searching the ground below them for his broom. “It’s kind of fun this. Watching your muscles ripple and your cock bob. I have to admit though, its torture not to be able to touch it I-“

“Sirius Black,” Remus seethed.

Accio Broom,” said Sirius, and Remus heard the crack of the thing flying up through the lower branches to meet them.

“Sirius Black,” Remus said again, calmly. “You are dead man.”
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